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After a certain period of time, your roof is subject to wear and tear resulting in consequences you may not want to face. Roof damage can consist of cracked shingles, punctures, and missing flashing. These can lead to one of the biggest roofing problems: roof leaks. Consequently, this can lead to ceiling tiles falling and causing damage to your personal belongings. It doesn't take much from one leak before water causes walls, floors and ceilings to deteriorate.

GCA Construction can handle everything from a new roof installation, roof restoration and roof maintenance to re-roofs and roof repairs.

We believe that quality craftsmanship and design are just the beginning in installing a successful roofing system. With our innovative maintenance programs ensuring long term performance, extended warranties, and great customer service, our company may be the right choice for you.



Window replacement and installation are essential parts of the home building process. The specific design can have a long-term impact on how much money you can actually save, since windows can be built to be more energy-efficient these days. Quality window products, as well as expert advice and installations, can and will add value and beauty to your home.
We specialize in replacing worn-out windows with technologically advanced ones, while offering ideal pricing and quality results. Our experts have a keen sense of sight for the appropriate windows to match your home.



Our siding services consist of siding repair, cleaning, and installation. Painting your home every few years can be a hassle and also very expensive. We know your needs and expectations when it comes to sidings and would be pleased to do the job for you. Replacing rotten wood, scraping, sanding, priming, and caulking could be time consuming and does not exactly add value to your home.

The key to proper sidings nowadays is ,maintenance free vinyl siding. This approach is a long-lasting way to refurbish and protect your home, emerging as an inexpensive alternative to traditional wood siding. Vinyl siding also enhances the appearance of your home while serving as an insulation barrier and making your home more energy efficient. It's a durable material, making it easy to maintain and withstand all weather conditions. Though it is the best option out there, we do not limit our services to just vinyl siding. Below are some points of the process and choices to consider.


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